Posted on: April 13, 2008 1:28 am

UK Football, bringing families closer together

Lets talk Kentucky football. Who would've thought just a handfull of seasons ago that we would be excited in the Commonwealth and it's surrounding areas, about UK's football team? Since I have been alive ( 1967 ) I only remember a handfull of times in my life where the fans were this excited about the football team. The Derrick Ramsey era , which I don't even really remember, the Fran Curci era, which I missed because I lived in Indiana and had no access to the "internet" because it had not been developed yet and the Tim Couch era which I actively participated in some awesome tailgaiting and great football games. I remember going to Couch's last home game against Vandy and the crowd chanting "one more year" over and over as he left the field in Lexington for the last time. I was in the student section with my younger brother, Luna, and it was very cold and miserable the entire day. It was also the first time my brother had ever been to any sporting event. He always thought sports were stupid and he didn't understand why I loved them so much. I had been to several events as a child and there's a moment that either brings you to your knees and engulfs you or it can make you feel like you were wasting your time. We watched that game together, freezing and cheering and happy that cold day. Now, Luna is a huge Packers fan and we still make trips to UK for the occassional game. UK football actually brought my brother and I closer together than we had been in years. Thats something not even Pitino or the "Unforgetables" could do. Now, if I could just get him to go to Rupp for a game.

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